pinda sweda

Ayurveda, which translates to "knowledge of life", is a 5000+ year old science that dictates that we must live in harmony with nature. 


Health Counseling:

Our bodies have their own individual natures, each of us like our own ecosystem. Take into consideration the world that we live in; we have environmental, dietary, and lifestyle issues that can bring our natural ecosystem out of balance. Using natural and holistic ways (dietary, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations), let's work together to get you feeling balanced!



 What is included in a session: 

~ Receive daily & nightly routine recommendations
~ Food / meal planning recommendations (what to eat & what to avoid)
~ Herbal recommendations delivered right to your door
~ Ayurvedic treatments if necessary. [shiroabhyanga (head massage), poultice (herbal scrub), shirodhara (warm oil to forehead), takradhara (cooling mix to forehead), nasya (oleation of nose), ear oleation, herbal smoke inhalation, basti (concentrated oil/ghee to body part/eyes), etc.]



 Interested in herbs? 

Contact us for herbs and pricing! Can be picked up or mailed to you!



 Interested in knowledge? 

Check out our Ayurveda account on Instagram called The Science of Ayurveda