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Corporate Wellness Clients

"Chahna has been providing corporate yoga sessions as Sony Latin America for a year now. This program has been well-received by our employees who look forward to her class each month. Personally, I feel that her classes provide me with a “reset button” for the day where I walk out feeling both mentally and physically relaxed. Many times we get so caught up in our daily personal and professional lives that we don’t make time to take care of ourselves. Having this program onsite offers a component to the work/life balance that we seek to achieve. This program has been a great fit for us." - Suly M.

"Ms Chahna Tailor is a respectful, professional and spiritual yoga instructor. Her deep knowledge of yoga is evident in the way she explains the background of various aspects of the practice, such as stretches, breathing, poses, etc. Being very positive and patient, she is able to work well with both beginners and more advanced students." - Rene C.

"Yoga with Chahna is my favorite perk that our office offers. I look forward to her classes every time. She creates a wonderful space of relaxation, peace, and no judgement. Instead of coming to us with a prefix routine, Chahna listens to our needs and concerns. She makes sure we work on whatever is bothering us at the time, whether it is tension, stress, or body aches. After each session, I am left feeling like a new person, relaxed, calmed, joyful, and ready to tackle the rest of my work day. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a wonderful person and an amazing Yoga teacher." - Jessica R.

"Luckily, we have the opportunity to have Chahna as our Yoga teacher. Her yoga practices can help alleviate physical symptoms, allowing the focus back to work and productivity. The mindfulness that yoga teaches doesn't only benefit ailments, stress, and concentration. It also helps to improve positivity and morale—both of which are crucial in the work environment – and the productivity results of the company that become permanent and not temporary." - Juliana M.

“Chahna’s yoga classes give me an extra something to look forward to at work! She is great at keeping things interesting. Every class is different, with new music, new movements, and new inspirations. I always have something different to take home with me and practice. After the class I feel relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally. Absolutely recommend!" - Amy K.

"I love her yoga class!!! I have felt like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders by the end of each session. I can't wait for my next one! I totally recommend." Natacia A.

"Chahna donated her time to lead our community garden in a refreshing and restorative stretching and meditative session recently. She is so kind and excellent at her craft. I look forward to contacting her for private sessions." - Kat N.


Private / Group Session Clients

"Absolutely love her yoga class. She is a great instructor who is patient and works with each person's individual level and really adapted to fit the needs of the whole class! Highly recommended." - Laurie R.

"Wonderful yoga instructor, expertly trained in India, who gives excellent, understandable direction. Peaceful, small classes that leave me renewed. My 15 year old daughter and I are loving yoga classes with Chahna! Every move is explained well, so easy to transition to next pose. Wonderful and knowledgeable instructor." - Barbara A.

"I had a great experience with Namaskar To You. The private group session had a personal touch that you can't get from a studio. Classes are personalized to the people attending and can be held inside or outside your house, depending on where you want to have it. It is very convenient to have the instructor come to you!" - Sunny S.

"Chahna has a passion for Yoga! Moreover, she is a beautiful person from within, which is a quality a Yogi possesses! She has the kindest heart and hunger to help, not only to humanity, but also all the innocent creatures that exist on earth! Wish you nothing but the best Chahna!" - Kinnari D.

"Chahna is professional and an expert at real yoga. Her sessions are very relaxing and I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in real authentic Indian yoga." - Emma R.

"Awesome class! Highly recommend!" - Le E.

"Improved my balance and makes tough poses look easy. Very patient! Thanks for assisting with my practice and having a flexible schedule!" - Sheba V.

"Great class! Many beginners in the class so she takes it slow. She always says 'only do what your body allows you to.' She doesn't want you to hurt yourself. A very peaceful experience!" - Carolyn M.

"I cannot say enough about this yogi. She is disciplined and amazingly patient. Although I have zero yoga skills, Chahna has always encouraged me to keep trying and the work that she has done with my daughter is unbelievable. Thank you Namaskar To You. I wish you continued success! Namaste!" - Knicki B

"Truly cares about your personal well-being! Essential oils and intention cards were an amazing touch :)" - Shivani D.

"Taking yoga lessons from Chahna. She's a great instructor. She demonstrates and explains steps very well and makes sure we get it in a right way. I'm seeing a positive result in myself." - Jigna B.

"Excellent teacher. Lots of patience. I learned how to inhale and exhale properly by taking yoga lessons with her. Lovely." - Nila M.

"I've taken many classes with Chahna. Love how she explains the movements and benefits to each poses. The essential oils smell so good, and you feel refreshed and relaxed after class!" - Rupa M.