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What do I need for yoga? How do I prepare for class?

⦁ Yoga Mat

⦁ Water

⦁ Loose, comfortable clothing

Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can set up your mat and address any injuries or questions with the instructor.

Can I eat right before yoga?

No, make sure there is at least 2 hours between the last time you ate and yoga. Postures performed in yoga can upset your stomach.

Certain bending postures put pressure on the abdomen, stimulating your digestive system and excretory system!

When is the best time to perform yoga?

In the morning, on an empty stomach before breakfast. Many twisting and bending postures can apply pressure to the stomach, intestines, and the bladder, so it is best to practice yoga after you have relieved your systems.

What is yoga?

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means "to bind," so yoga means "union"  between the mind, body, and spirit through utilizing the breath. By combining 8 different practices, one learns how to unite all aspects of the self.

The word "yoga" is often misused in the West as the name for the physical practice of the postures. There are 8 Limbs of Yoga with the physical practice, asanas, being one of these. Asanas, the poses, work on Blood Circulation, Immunity, Bones, Excretion, Muscles (back, shoulder, knees, etc. aches and pains), Hormonal Glands, Digestion, Respiration, and lessens Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, and more!

Is yoga religious?

No. Yoga is associated with spirituality but is not religious. It is said that practicing yoga can strengthen your faith! You do not need to be religious to practice. It is about training the mind to always have a positive outlook and being the best form of yourself.

Do you have to be flexible to join yoga?

Not at all! If you're not flexible, all the more reason to come to class! Yoga is not competitive. Everyone may be sitting side by side, but they work AT THEIR OWN PACE. You're encouraged to do what you can do. Listening to the body, you respect your limits. If you are unsure if yoga is right for you, please ask your doctor before starting your yoga practice. Consistent practice = results. If you continue practicing, you will see the benefits!

What if I cannot perform a pose?

All positions can be tailored to you! It is important for you to do what you are capable of and to know your limits. Only do what you can do! It's called a yoga PRACTICE for a reason. With more practice, you can gain more flexibility. All you need to do is start!

What types of classes are offered?

There are three different types of classes:

One Hour Warm-up/Chair Yoga - Traditional Hatha asanas (postures) from the Pawanmuktāsana series. Great for warming up the bodies. It doesn't matter if you sit down or stand up all day, there are parts of your body which are not being stretched enough! Good for those that would like to detox the body in addition to working on flexibility, body awareness, coordination, sitting/standing static/dynamic balance, range of motion, weight-bearing, pain management, healed fractures (with permission from your doctor), carpal tunnel, endurance, functional reach, upper/lower and body strength.

Vinyasa Flow - A fast paced sequence (one breath per pose) used to increase the strength of all of the muscles in the body. Great for endurance, flexibility, and detoxing the body.

Deep Stretch - Get deep into the hips, back, legs, and shoulders while you hold positions for a longer period of time. Use the breath to explore positions. By controlling your breath, you slow down the mind's negative chatter and built resilience and self-determination. Increases your flexibility, mental endurance, while detoxing your body.

How do I know which yoga class to attend?

The Warm-up class is great for those that would like light stretching or have never taken an asana (physical practice of yoga) class before. If you would like a more vigorous and fast paced class, please try the Vinyasa Flow. If you would like to get deep into positions really test your body, join the Deep Stretch class!

Am I too old for yoga?

No! You are never too old to work on your health! It is important that we keep the body active. When we are inactive, that is when we start to see a decrease in function.

How old do you have to be to start yoga?

Children can start yoga at 12 years of age.

If a child is younger than that, it is important to not perform strenuous movements, as this can affect their growth and development since parts of the spine, etc. are still developing.

If you are older than 12, you qualify! Do not let age be a barrier to your success, whether you are 30 or 80!

Does yoga work on pain management?

Yes! Through slow stretching often, persons that perform yoga are able to see a reduction in symptoms and manage their pain better.

Will I learn about how yoga positions affect my body?

Yes! Classes will address different topics such as how yoga relates to: anatomy and physiology, meditation, breathing practices, the philosophy behind yoga, and more!

Do you offer yoga in the workplace?

Yes! Yoga classes can come to your office, healthcare facility, hotel, or school anywhere in the Tri-County area! We even offer building-wide yoga! Please contact us to arrange a corporate yoga class or series.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are available to answer your questions at any time of the day! Just send an email, call, or reach out to us on social media!